If we find that requests for repairs using the out of hour’s line are not genuine emergencies or urgent repairs, we will charge you for the work. Our out of hours repair line operating hours 5pm to 9 am Monday to Friday and all day at weekends/bank holidays. Any repairs reported on the phone during these times is considered an out of hours call. See below for what qualifies as an emergency or an urgent repair. We will also charge you for any repairs that we believe are needed as a result of damage caused by you.


  • If there is an emergency or urgent repair at night or over the weekend, please call the repair line. This is only for genuine emergencies
  • Certain emergencies such as a fire or a gas leak will require the public emergency services. Please use a common sense approach in these circumstances.
  • In the event of a break-in, Wildheart is responsible for securing the exterior of the property. If, however, the break-in is shown to result from tenant/lessee negligence such as leaving keys visible or not locking up properly, you may be recharged for making good any damage to exterior security

For the avoidance of doubt we have set out below what an emergency or urgent repair is.

Emergency But remember to…
Leaks which cannot be stopped or will cause further damage if allowed to continue
  • Turn off the water using the stopcock
  • Place a suitable receptacle under the leak to prevent further damage
  • Contact the occupants if the leak is coming from a property adjacent or above
  • Inform Wildheart of the leak and the outcome of contact with any neighbouring property
Electrical failure Telephone the electricity supplier to check if the failure is because of an unpaid bill or general power cut
Heating system breakdown at the beginning of a weekend or holiday period where there is risk of the system freezing Use alternate heating solutions if available
Fire Contact the emergency services immediately then call the repairs line
Gas leak Contact the National Grid Emergency Service on 0800 111 99
Structural collapse or risk of collapse Vacate the property then call the repairs line
Security (break ins) – entrance/exit Contact the emergency services immediately then call the repairs line

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, we feel that these items are genuine emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day.

If you are a Wildheart tenant and rent a property with us and your repair is not urgent, please click the icon below to report your repair.


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