Rental & Property Management

At Wildheart, we believe the most important aspect of residential management is maintaining effective communication with clients and tenants. To facilitate this, we strive to build sound working relationship with clients and pride ourselves on fast response times and regular site attendance.

We provide a tailored approach to property management. Utilising our head office in Surrey and a number of satellite offices throughout the country enables us to provide an efficient “hands on” approach and keep the service in house.

We provide an end to end service with property management from vetting prospective tenants at their initial enquiry for a property to conducting an in-depth tenancy end and vacating process.


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Key Responsibilities

Retain & Grow Capital Value

Through proactive property management, we work hard to ensure your property increases in value.

Increasing Rental Income

As standard, we increase rents on a yearly basis to maximise your income and increase return on an investment.

Minimal Rental Void Periods

We understand that happy tenants mean less void periods; this is why we are quick to react to maintenance issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

We believe that clear and consistent communication with both landlords and tenants is one of our most important tasks. To do this effectively, we believe that this requires a close working relationship with clients and a dedicated involvement from us as agents.

We provide a tailored approach to Property Management, utilising our head office in Surrey and a number of satellite offices throughout the country to enable us to provide an efficient ‘hands-on’ approach and keep the services we provide in house including our vetting checks completed by our Lettings Team prior to agreeing a new tenancy with a prospective tenant.

We provide monthly statements to all our clients and are willing to discuss any queries that may arise due to recent refurbishing costs or simply the vacant period of utility consumption that landlords are liable for when a property to empty. 

We will deal directly with prospects and tenants removing the timely processes and stress it may cause you over marketing your rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints and even pursuing evictions.

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